Innovative Survey Solutions

Using the latest optics and GNSS technology, our Team is always ready to provide enormous value to your project.

Experienced Team

Our Team has extensive survey experience. We specialize in Industrial, Land Development and Underground Utility surveying.


Expert Team

Our Team consists of expert surveyors with  extensive experience in various survey disciplines.

The Missing Piece

Aureum Construction Services is a critical piece in any successful project.


The high quality results that we deliver to all of our clients bring unprecedented value to their projects.

What we do

Industrial and Commercial Survey

Throughout all phases of a project, whether it is a small or large scale industrial or commercial site, Aureum is able to provide great value to Industrial Construction Projects.

Land Development Survey

Our extensive experience in land development projects allows us to work fluidly with clients to provide a seamless workflow and maximizes productivity on the project.

Underground Utility Survey

Aureum Construction Services is equipped with the latest in survey technology and industry best practices to handle Underground Projects with the utmost confidence.


Let’s Build Your Dream Together.

In an ever-changing world of technology, Aureum remains on the cutting edge and is able to provide expert level survey services that will allow your project to flourish. Our Team builds long lasting relationships with industry partners providing maximum value to your project. Contact us today and let´s build your next dream together.